I am currently studying a Master’s degree in Automatic Control and Robotics at UPC and working as a robotics engineer at BonaDrone, where we design, build and program educational robots. I have a strong inclination towards progamming and I like to spend some of my time (it normally ends up being more than expected) developing side projects or ideas that cross my mind and I find interesting.


  1. Dear juangallostra,
    I am trying to test your project using another reference image, but it is not able to find it. I was wondering if the reference image needs to have any particular property to be found.




    1. If you added the new image under the reference folder and named it model.jpg the problem could be that the image you are using as a reference doesn’t have enough singular points and hence no correspondences are found.You can try using a different image to see if that makes any difference.


  2. Hey, I am reading your tutorial about AR in python, and I am wondering that is there any method to get card’s rotation and position by projection matrix?


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